Ultimate Guide to make your Wedding Stand Out

At Treacys West County Hotel in Ennis, we know how important it is for our wedding couples to keep up with current trends year to year. You could spend hours scrolling through Pintrest looking for some kind of inspiration. We have put a few ideas together below to give you some fresh ideas.

  • Doughnut Wall: They are the new big trend right now. They will definitely bring the WOW factor to your wedding day.
  • Flower Wall: Perfect for you and your guests to take photos in front of. You can pick all your favourite flowers to have in the wall.
  • Ice-Cream Van: Have an ice cream van outside the church or at the drinks reception. Your guests will love this! It is not something you see very often at the moment… But this is definitely about to change.
  • Wedding Guest Book: There are so many different ideas for your guest book such as a Jenga guest book, finger print guest tree or wishing jar guest book. This will add a little quirkiness to your wedding day and it will be something your guests will remember forever. It will also be a nice thing for you to hold onto after the wedding.
  • Tables Names: This might seem like an odd one to add here, however a new trend coming to the light is naming your tables after lyrics from a popular song, when this song plays during the meal, that table has to get up and dance! It will keep the fun going throughout the evening and is something that could easily add uniqueness to your event.
  • Polaroid Cameras: Put polaroid cameras on each table, this is a really fun way to look back and see the day through your guest’s eyes. Have a string wall in the room and ask guests to put their favourite photos on it throughout the night.
  • Hangover Recovery Kits: Do something a little different and put a little hangover recovery kit in all your guest’s bedrooms. This will put a smile on your guests faces. They will thank you the next morning!
  • Video Booth: Have a video booth in the reception room for your guests to record little messages to you. This will be super cute to look over in years to come.

Have your wedding at Treacys West County Hotel in Ennis and let us look after you and your special day.

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