How to make your wedding ceremony at a hotel unique

1. Decoration and theme

The decoration and the theme of your wedding can be the most  important early decisions to make the wedding at a hotel personal to you as a couple. Do you love to travel as a couple? Why not incorporate a vintage travel theme into your wedding? Do you love the rustic style? String lights, mason jars and everything that is wooden strongly contributes to the simple and homey vibe of this theme.          

At Treacys West County Hotel we will assist you all along the way and make sure you have your dream wedding. 

2. Attention to Detail 

“It’s all in the details”. These small touches add to the uniqueness of your ceremony. Personalise table names, pop your own pictures around the venue, put some personalised signage and your initials around, share your love story through a video or a slideshow of pictures and create a hashtag for your own wedding. 

3. Signature cocktails

Create signature cocktails for your wedding. It could be your own favourite drink or something you have created with the help of the bartenders. This will be something that will always remind your guests of your wedding day.

4. Use hotel amenities

Use the Treacys West County Hotel amenities before or after your big day. Why not enjoy the swimming pool, our Finnish sauna or the steam room and relax the mind together with your bridesmaids before the big day?

5. Entertainment

A photo booth, the magic mirror, a DIY cocktail station or a hot chocolate bar are all things that would add to the uniqueness of your wedding and special day. Incorporate something like this into your wedding theme and you can be sure no one will ever forget of your special day.

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