7 ways to stay motivated and use the hotel gym

1. Plan before

Always plan your day, including your daily activities and workout, before getting to the hotel. This way, your diary will help you to stay focused, organised and will prevent you from wasting any time. Reward yourself with a dip in the pool, jacuzzi, steam room or Finnish sauna available at our Treacys West County Hotel after your workout. 

2. Write out a workout plan for the week ahead

Like planning your day ahead, always plan your workout ahead as well. This way, you will know what to do as soon as you arrive at the gym. This will help you to stay focused and get through your workout step by step. Treacys West County Hotel has a gym on its premises with many machines to choose from. 

3. Set realistic goals for yourself

Do not expect too much from yourself, Rome was not built in one day. Setting unrealistic goals will only put you off and will keep your motivation levels to minimum. Set small goals for yourself and celebrate each one of them.

4. Make it easy to begin with

Start with easier workouts and increase their intensity day after day. Same with weights, do not start with weights you have never lifted before. Look after your body and do not hurt yourself in the process. Small steps. 

5. Switch up workout ideas

It is easy to get bored if your workouts are always the same. That is why it is always important to give yourself some diversity and switch them up from time to time. This will make you look forward to your workout and will certainly increase your motivation.

6. Monitor your progress on a regular basis

Do not become obsessed with your result, but monitor them from time to time to stay motivated. Check your weight and measurements once every week, or even once every two weeks. Remember it is also the mental health you are improving while working out, it is not all about lost kilograms or centimeters. 

7. Find a workout buddy to train with

It is always easier to stay motivated if you have someone to share the journey with. You can always support each other along the way and give each other the motivation needed if one person has a bad day. 

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