10 Top Tips to Personalise your Wedding Day

White dresses, Suits, Ceremonies, sometimes weddings can all look the same!  Ever couple wants their big day to be unique. At Treacys West County Hotel we believe it’s the little things that make the most difference…….

There are lots of little easy and cute things you can do to set your big day apart from any other from your favourite flowers to celebrating your relationship.

Treacys Hotel have put together some of our favourite ways you can personalise your wedding day:

  • Choose readings and prayers that mean something to you
  • Go with songs that have a special meaning for both of you
  • Get your loved ones involved, get a friend to sing at your wedding or perhaps make your wedding cake
  • Customised cake topper, add a bit of humour perhaps or something a little different
  • Display photos of your relationship throughout the years, tell your guests the story of your relationship
  • Honour lost loved ones
  • Include your own wedding hashtags for people to use throughout the day
  • Name your tables after things ye both love, like places travelled or favourite bands
  • Include your favourite foods on the menu
  • Make your wedding favours personal to you, perhaps donate money to a charity close to your heart from each person at your wedding or give them a little sweet treat of your favourite chocolate

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