When you stay at Treacys West County Hotel in Ennis, you are close to many fun activities to keep you occupied. Spend your day exploring all of the fun activities nearby and then return to Treacys West County Hotel and relax and unwind in any of our refurbished rooms or have some great food at any of our great dining options. Book your stay at Treacys West County Hotel in Ennis and prepare to explore some of County Clare’s great activities such as Dolphin Watching.

An hour away from Treacys West County Hotel in Ennis, you can go dolphin watching in Carrigaholt on the Loop Head Peninsula in County Clare. This area is home to Europe’s largest group of bottlenose dolphins. The same area is also a special area of conservation and an important feeding ground for other wildlife such as bottlenose dolphins, pelagic seabirds and grey seals. The Loop Head Peninsula has fascinating coastal geology and incredibly stunning backdrops. Dolphin watching has been going on at the mouth of the River Shannon for over 25 years and the dolphin encounter rate at Loop Head is one of the highest in Europe making this area the best opportunity to see dolphins in Ireland.

When you go dolphin watching in Carrigaholt in County Clare, you board a passenger ship called Draiocht and while aboard the boat you will learn about wildlife, geology and maritime history as well as keeping an eye out for dolphins.


Find out more on the official Dolphin Watch site.


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‘Would really recommend Treacys West count Hotel In Ennis’

“We stayed on the 5 night family break and were very lucky with the weather. We visited the doolin caves, the aillwee caves the petting farm in and the last day we took the ferry to the aran islands and we also saw a dolphin.”