When you stay at Treacys West County Hotel in Ennis, you are close to many activities for adults to keep yourself entertained such as Hot Whiskey Tasting. Spend your day exploring all of the activities nearby and then return to Treacys West County Hotel and relax and unwind in any of our refurbished rooms or have some great food at any of our great dining options. Book your stay at Treacys West County Hotel in Ennis and prepare to explore some of the fun activities in Ennis such as Hot Whiskey Tasting.

If you are a fan of whiskey then Ennis, County Clare is worth a visit. Every six weeks or so, the Ennis Whiskey Club get together to have a meal and taste four brands of whiskeys. There are also Whiskey Tasting Events on regularly in Ennis and there are even opportunities to have corporate Whiskey Tasting Events.

The Ennis Whiskey Trail is a must for any whiskey fan. The Whiskey Trail in the town of Ennis was launched in 2016 and includes 8 pubs in Ennis Town. Each pub will have different whiskeys for you to taste so it is a whiskey themed pub crawl in a way.

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See What Our Guests Have to Say:

‘Welcoming, Efficient and Good Value’

“We visited last week with National Coach Holidays. Efficient, welcoming check in and a comfortable room. The hotel had organized whiskey tasting, demo of making a Baileys cheesecake and also for those more interested, the differences between types of Irish whiskey. All these things added to providing interests for the coach party.”