Boru' Bar


Boru's Bar is the main bar at Treacys West County Hotel named after Brian Boru, High King of Ireland who was killed at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. Borus offers Carvery dining option from 12-3pm daily and an evening bar food menu from 3-9pm daily. Patrons are also welcome to enjoy nightly entertainment provided by local musical talent. We havealso recently revamped our Patio area, which offers ideal space to enjoy the fine weather with a relaxing drink and is one of a small number of such outdoor areas in Ennis.

We have entertainment in Boru' bar nightly throughout  the week from April to October. Boru's has established itself as one of the liveliest pubs in Ennis and is a must for both local guests and hotel residents. Some of Clare's best known pub acts will entertain our patrons from traditional Irish music to covers of many chart hits from 70's, 80's, 90's right up to current hits.


Upcoming Entertainment in Boru's Bar in June

01/06/2018 Damien Gormley
02/06/2018 purple ocean
03/06/2018 Michael Regan
04/06/2018 Marie Griffin
05/06/2018 Doohan sisters
06/06/2018 Dave Howard
07/06/2018 Colm Harding
08/06/2018 Twice Shy
09/06/2018 U Can Dance
10/06/2018 Dave Maguire
11/06/2018 Tony Benn
12/06/2018 Doohan sisters
13/06/2018 Nigel Devine
14/06/2018 Mikey Wall
15/06/2018 Tony Benn
16/06/2018 Porterbreak
17/06/2018 Mike Gardiner
18/06/2018 Stephen Normoyle
19/06/2018 Doohan sisters
20/06/2018 Dave Howard
21/06/2018 Colm Harding
22/06/2018 Joe Moloney
23/06/2018 ger stevens
24/06/2018 Dave Maguire
25/06/2018 Tony Benn
26/06/2018 Doohan sisters
27/06/2018 Nigel Devine
28/06/2018 Mikey Wall
29/06/2018 colm harding
30/06/2018 Minus Two

Upcoming Entertainment in Boru's Bar In July

01/07/2018 Michael Regan
02/07/2018 Stephen Normoyle
03/07/2018 Doohan sisters
04/07/2018 Dave Howard
05/07/2018 Colm Harding
06/07/2018 Damien Gormely
07/07/2018 U Can Dance
08/07/2018 marie griffin
09/07/2018 Marie Griffin
10/07/2018 Doohan sisters
11/07/2018 Nigel Devine
12/07/2018 Mikey Wall
13/07/2018 Art Griffith
14/07/2018 Twice Shy
15/07/2018 Dave Maguire
16/07/2018 Stephen Normoyle
17/07/2018 Doohan sisters
18/07/2018 Dave Howard
19/07/2018 Colm Harding
20/07/2018 Tony Benn
21/07/2018 Stephen Normoyle
22/07/2018 Mike Gardiner
23/07/2018 Tony Benn
24/07/2018 Doohan sisters
25/07/2018 Nigel Devine
26/07/2018 Mikey Wall
27/07/2018 Joe Moloney
28/07/2018 Minus Two
29/07/2018 Dave Maguire
30/07/2018 Marie Griffin
31/07/2018 Doohan sisters