When you stay at Treacys West County Hotel in Ennis, you are close to many fun activities to keep you occupied. Spend your day exploring all of the fun activities nearby and then return to Treacys West County Hotel and relax and unwind in any of our refurbished rooms or have some great food at any of our great dining options. Book your stay at Treacys West County Hotel in Ennis and prepare to explore some of County Clare’s great activities such as going on a boat cruise in Doolin.

Doolin is a 45 minute drive from Treacys West County Hotel in Ennis. Boats sail daily to the Aran Island from Doolin from March until the end of October/Early November. Once the boats from Doolin reach the Aran Islands, you can visit the spectacular Dun Aengus fort on Inis Mor or relax on the peaceful island of Inis Meain while you can also take a trip to the smallest of the Aran Islands – Inis Oirr.

You can also take a cruise from Doolin and explore the area around the Cliffs of Moher where you can admire the beauty of the cliffs on a unique 1 hour voyage of discovery.

Find out more about boat trips in Doolin by clicking here.


See What Our Guests Have to Say:

‘We had an amazing stay at Treacys West County’

The beds were comfortable but the real strength of the hotel is its people and the location. Starting with the people hotel staff were very courteous. We had meals at the hotel and the meal staff was fantastic meeting particular dietary needs. Overall food quality was great with assortments. The location was great for our travels. We enjoyed downtown Ennis being so close. We also drove to the coast to see Cliffs of Moher and other cool sights. BONUS the pub in the hotel was as good as any I had been to while traveling around Ireland.